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Our Story

Our whole family was pretty much baptized in Barnegat Bay and Barnstable Harbor. Over three generations we've owned and restored boatloads of boats. Two Marshall catboats, two Boston Whalers, a Beetle Cat, a Parker, an Olympic Star, a Sunfish, a Thompson Sea Lancer, an Albin 27 downeast trawler, and a wooden fly-fishing skiff that we built and christened - wait for it - Bassinet! ​Keeping our fleet floating has always been a labor of love. After we gave birth to Bassinet we started calling our little workshop Bassinet Boatworks. The name stuck. Over time we sold a bunch of our boats, and guess what, we've gotten no complaints and lots of compliments. ​


Now Bassinet Boatworks is off on a new journey. We've taken all that we've learned in the boatyard and brought it into the house with a signature line of custom barstools that evoke classic yachts. And that's just the start. Bassinet Boatworks is busy developing a whole fleet of home goods, yacht goods, apparel, and hand-crafted accessories to keep you and your soul connected to the sea!  


sea kindly, live finely  -  The Pearson Family

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