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In nautical speak a boat that is "sea kindly" is well adapted to handling challenging seas. But, when we were kids we thought it meant a boat was being nice to the sea. While launching Bassinet Boatworks, we realized as a company we wanted to be both definitions of the term. We want our products to not only stand the challenging test of time but to also be environmentally friendly.


So right from the start, we've committed to sourcing wood with Forest Stewardship Council certification. As we add more products, if at all possible, we'll be just as committed to using materials like organic cotton, hemp, and up-cycled plastic fibers to create those goods.


Simply put, we're going to be doing our best to be nice to the sea, and to the woods, and to the air we breathe. By staying committed to adapting and adopting the healthiest practices, hopefully we'll all be able to continue to live finely.


sea kindly, live finely

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